First thing I wanted to finish up was the roof system. My new design involved cutting the legs in half and hinging them so that the roof came up vertically instead of up and over creating cover over the back. I fitted gas struts to push the legs straight with the idea that I would raise one end at a time.

I had to use the winch to lift the roof up so I could fit the gas struts at full extension then drop the roof down…


20150506_174555  20150506_174709 20150506_175303 20150506_180412

…first end worked a treat, so I did the same on the other two legs. I was a bit nervous by this point as theres quite a lot of preassure contained when those gas struts are under compression, so I pushed the trailer outside just in case.

Quite glad I did…the back end of the roof came up fine then as I tried to lift the front end everything started shifting in directions that I hadn’t anticipated. I ended up hanging on the roof to stop it flinging itself in cpompletely the wrong direction and most likely destroying itself while Jon came and gave me a hand getting it under control.

About and hour and a half and a lot of ratchet straps and head scratching and I had the gas struts off and the roof safe. I was in a bit of a pickle at this point because I didn’t have time to really reinvent the roof system as well as get everthing else finished before the first festival so I retired to the van for a some food and a small cry. I looked in my sketch book, which had all the designs I had played with for the trailer, and found the Mk.3 proposed design for the trailer which had fixed legs and permanently high walls……this was the answer!!

So I got back into the workshop, cut some angle iron and gave my trailer a sexy extention. I was a happy man again….that will teach me not to test these things out with maquettes first.

20150508_191019  20150508_191301

From here all the other designs seemed to come along a hell of a lot easier, weighing up the pros and consm, the only negative this about this s=design was a slight increase in weight and more wind drag while on the road. I also now have more room for better equipment in the trailer…I may have to start thinking about a more suitably rated vehicle to tow this with for next year.

I bought a bit more ply wood for my extra wall space and cracked on with a bit more hope in my heart.

…got a bit scared of how bloody big it is now



Finished the new fire and gave it a quite test run


Some smart trim for the scraggy tin roof




Ultimately I have designs for some much fancier hinges for the side that folds down into the display stand but for now the old back door hinges and some bought ones will have to do.

Im much more fond of this display stand, proper adjustable legs, a full length table and space for a wee bit of signage on the front panel while the tables down. Also a much more secure system of locking the whole lot shut.

20150510_221833 20150510_222047

With the main walls finished I was well on the way, just needed to fit the flus for the fires which meant bringing myself to do that mantally difficult action of cutting a gurt big hole in your nice watertight roof. I had picked up this cowl recently by some fortune. All I had to do was beat the aluminium to fit the corrugated tin and rivet and seal it on.

20150516_01020820150515_210621 20150515_212524 20150515_213212  20150516_093018 20150516_093036

Gave it a test run


Next big job was make the tailgate. I couldn’t get a piece of ply big enough to do it in one so I joined two bits together. Made a locking mechanism and boshed out a nice hand forged handle too. Those gas struts came in useful in the end too!


Then came up with a nifty femovable flu for the second fire that went through the tailgate when it was up…

20150516_140022 20150516_140142

I had been looking forward to this bit far ages! My mate had given me a massive bit of canvas from a marquee tent so it had the straps and eylettes in it already. I only needed to use about a third of the piece she gave me for the whole awning out the display side of the trailer. I cut off the straps and fixed them to the trailer wall itself so that I could strap the canvas up for transit. I also managed to find a leatherworker just in town who put some extra eylettes in for supporting poles and stitched the front edge so that I can eventually thread a tent pole through.


A bit of work on the storage situation …which has always been a bit of a situation…


20150517_181400 20150517_181428

Then it was time for finishing touches. I red oxided the frame so theres no more nasty galvanise to look at then my mate Emily came round to help priming the plywood panels ready for a lush lick o’ gloss.



I used the original back doors for the front panels. This was a nice touch as all the pieces of wood on the front are now reclaimed and nicely scruffy looking. The strip up the middle is a bit of old oak that had been donated by Will the woodworker in the workshop next door.


20150518_205502 20150518_205520

Bought a wee anvil off Jon and knocked up a stand…


Then did one last blitz to get the last little details sorted for the trailer and pack and tidy the workshop – I really wanted to finish all this and get an early night ready to set off first thing in the morning but as usual I worked late. Had a slightly restless and exited nights sleep then up early next day to get the trailer out of the workshop and hitched up and I was bloody good to go 😀

I was very happy at this point and actually managed to remember to take a quick photo beofre I set off for the first festival of the year, and possibly the best – Knockengorroch in Castle Douglas, Scotland.


So Ive got a bit of a treck ahead of me – I’d be meeting a few of my mates up there who are going to be helping me doing the workshops but I had made a super early start so had all day to crack on with the journey….still, very exited


I stopped on the way for a delicious burger-van burger, then later for a shower and some internet and a hour or so doze as some attempt of recovery before I launch my already knackered self into a week of festival. Picked up some supplies in Carlisle and rocked up in Castle Douglas about 8pm, a couple of hours before the others arrived so we could meet up and do the last 30 miles to the festival site together. A very merry and exitable greeting was had before we cracked on up to the site – it was a shame it was dark by now because its an absolutely beautiful treck over hills and fields down to the valley that houses Knockengorroch…