My destination was back to Bromyard where I needed to do a few days work for Jon in exchange for the time he had let me spend in his workshop working on the trailer.

I helped him on his final project for the DFS course which I had completed a couple of years earlier which was a nice forged gate for his house.

Three days and my debt was paid so I set off on a wee jaunt up to Brecon. My friends out there were having a solstice gathering so I decided to make the most of having bought a motorbike so I headed to Stroud, swapped van and trailer for bike and blasted off into the luuurrverly bendy twisties of South Wales, rocking up at Jack and Gayles at about dusk to enjoy some tomfoolery with my buddies.


We had a wonderful weekend of chilling and chatting around the fire, drinking and eating good things and doing a bit of forging in Jacks workshop as well as some greenwood working thanks to Jamie who brought all his kit.

I started on the shave horse making a hammer handle out of some lush fresh ash.


Then moved into the forge to make a long awaited hook knife and a straight knife so I can get on with my own greenwood working. I showed Jamie my hook knife and, so impressed was he, he asked me to make a few for him! 😀

I sadly tore myself away from all these lovely people and took my sexy bike back to Stroud where I continued my journey in the slower and less fuel efficient but equally loved van of mine to Andy’s house in Bath to start a short stint at Iron Art….and a shower!

Pretty standard work ensued at Iron Art, punching holes for railings, a shit load of galv to clean and some alterations to make on a load of cast rails which was quite fun.

The weekend plan was to pop down to Bridgwater where I had my storage at my friend Billy’s place to drop a couple more bicycles I had aquired and a knackered moped I had recently dragged out of the woods…all good projects for that long awaited workshop of my own…sigh.

The short journey didn’t go quite to plan – in an attempt to avoid Glastonbury festival I took a round route that stopped me at a closed road and diverted me back via Glastonbury. Bugger.

I then headed straight back to Bath where I spent the weekend kicking around doing this and that before another couple of days at Iron Art then setting forth for Blissfields festival in Winchester. Another one I enjoyed last year too so hoping for a good ol’ jolly again, especially now I’m to be joined by a whole bunch of buddies from all over!